Arbuckle Mountain Fried PIes

It was an abnormally cold winter in the year 1893. The different ranchers in the Arbuckle Mountains had their ranch hands go out into the midst of the inclement weather to tend to the cattle. Many of those hands were used to harsh weather condintions, but this particular winter the cold just seemed to cut right through a man. Due to the cowboys not having a kitchen available, they cooked their meals over an open campfire.


Though the scenery in the Arbuckle Mountains is beautiful in the winter, the old mountains can be very unforgiving. The cowboys in 1893 would try to stay warm, eating their beans and whatever food they could cook over an open campfire. If only they could add something to their diet that would take their minds off the misery of that cold mountain wind whipping through their overcoats. Well, little Nancy's grandmother knew of their misery, and decided to do something about it. Home cooked fried pies began to supplement the cowboys' diet, and the rest has been a wonderful legacy.


Nancy Fulton paid particularly close attention as her grandmother taught her the fine art of preparing those delicious fried pies. Now, Nancy has given the rest of the world a chance to partake of those wonderful and delicious fried pies. Is it any wonder that folks simply cannot get enough of these delicacies?

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